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The reliability of your inventory relies on the reliability of the data sources that populate your attributes

The quality of decisions depends on data quality, so it is essential to precisely define the sources and feeding rules for your attributes.

Our 8 years of experience have allowed us to develop all the functionalities to ensure the quality of the inventory.

In addition to being able to choose a data source for a component type, such as the RAM capacity of virtual machines, we can also:

  • Define a preference: For example, the OS field of workstations is primarily supplied by Active Directory, then by SCCM if the AD field is empty, and finally by the antivirus if the SCCM field is empty
  • Define mapping rules: This allows for standardizing the OS field.
  • Calculate a value from raw data: Calculate the site from the IP address.
  • Extract a value from within a string of characters (/K&D/Cluster2/Resources => Cluster 2).

In total, there are around thirty functions that, when combined with the expertise of our consultants, ensure the completeness and quality of your inventories